Raised floor

The technology of the raised floor provides effective, versatile and immediately appreciable benefits:
in fact, it allows easy management of the cable duct, pipe and equipment.

Adjustable supports and compensation accessories allow to achieve levelled floors, easily and quickly compensating for even the smaller slopes of the support plane.


Raised floors create an
additional installation

Depending on the application, for example, cables or wirings
get managed through the space created by pedestals and panels.
All panels are compatible with each other due to the uniform size.
These kind of raised floor panels are preferred in offices and/or
technical rooms.

In offices mostly to increase the flexibility of use. Because of the infinite variation possibilities, a continuous change of use is possible by placing partitions in different places.

In technical rooms, the raised floor can be used for cabling the switch cabinets underfloor.

In data centers it serves as a Active panel or steel ventilation panel for the air conditioning of the servers.


Raised floor systems are highly flexible.

Access flooring systems can be used almost everywhere thanks to substructures of adjustable height.

Single floor panels can be removed at any point and allow a subsequent installation without dirt and noise problems.

The use of acoustic panels also allows sound absorbing properties to be used.

Active panels can be used to handle air-conditioning tasks, e.g. in data centers.


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